Animal Farm Videos!


Hi There!

Recently, our class was reading Animal Farm. Our final project was to make videos/movies of one of our favorite scenes in the book. Here they are:

This is group six’s video. In it are¬†Hoon, Valerie, Amelia, and Shreya


This is group 3’s video. In it are¬†Sophie, Tye, Morgan, Hailey, and Aidan



This is group 5’s video. In it are Tyler, Jalil, Charlie, Leah, and Ben S.

This is group 4’s video. In it are Drew, Stella, Lochlann, Elah, and Alex

This is group 2’s video. In it are Marwan, Ben C., Jackson, Kael, and Nina.

This is group 1’s video. In it is Everett, Olivia, Sean, Halle, and Veronica.


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