7th Grade Survival Guides

Hi, parents!

Last week, the Eighth graders in our class worked very hard on making their Seventh Grade Survival Guide presentations. These presentations are very helpful guides to new seventh graders with tips and words of advice on how to be a good student and “survive” in Mr. Madgiak and Mrs. Spencer’s class. The presentations were all very unique and creative. Here are pictures of the Eighth graders with their presentations.

Marwan and Jalil with their donkey puzzle presentation. Each piece of the puzzle had a tip on it.


Nina, Shreya, and Veronica with their “phone” poster. Each app was velcroed to the poster. When you take off an app, there is a tip underneath it.

Lochlann with his comic. The comic was of a boy asking his mother for help with getting good grades and being a great student.

Kael and Elah wrote their own rap album with rules of the classroom as the lyrics.

Ben, Aidan, Tyler and Alex showed the whole class their Prezi, a slideshow. Each slide had a different situation with choices that either led to the student receiving a good grade or a bad grade.

Halle made an awesome iMovie that incorporated different clips from tv shows, which taught students different rules in the classroom.

These presentations were very impressive. Nice job, Eighth Graders!

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2 Responses to 7th Grade Survival Guides

  1. Sylvia Cichosz says:

    Such clever ideas. Thank you to the eighth graders and the teachers for helping out the seventh graders!

  2. Leslie Davis says:

    What creative presentations! Thank you for sharing.

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