Steppenwolf – “The Crucible”

Last week, the whole 12-14 level went to see the play “The Crucible”. The actors were very talented and did an excellent job. After the play, the actors answered questions that some people had. The set had a lot of meaning behind it, with chairs hanging all around to represent the people who were hung throughout the witch trials.

After the show, we had an open lunch. An open lunch is an opportunity for the students to choose where to go to lunch, using public transportation. Each student brought their own money. We split up into 5 groups, with one teacher per group. Mrs. Spencer’s group went to a taco restaurant called “Big and Littles”. Here are some pictures from the day.

Mario, Owen, and Lochlann sitting on the bus.

Mrs. Spencer and (part of) Kael enjoying tacos.

Kael and Marwan planning out the trip.

The day was very fun, and everyone enjoyed the open lunch!

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  1. Jeannette says:

    Looks and sounds like it was a great Flex Friday. Thanks for sharing!

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