Opening Up Sandwich Shoppe

Hello, parents! As you may know, Mr. Madgiak and Mrs. Spencer’s class is taking over Sandwich Shoppe. We started discussing Sandwich Shoppe earlier in November. Jamee Warrenfeltz and Taylor Linser, the CEOs of Sandwich Shoppe talked to the students about what the core values were for the business. Sandwich Shoppe employees strive to work as a team to bring the freshest possible foods to students and staff at NNM, building a healthy community while doing so. After a few meetings talking about Sandwich Shoppe, students wrote job applications. Some examples of jobs at Sandwich Shoppe are Head Bakers, Creative Team Manager, and IT/Accounting Directors. Every job is essential to keep the business running.

Last week was our Test Kitchen week. Students came to school early and practiced what it  is like to be an employee at Sandwich Shoppe. We were amazed by all the new and innovative ideas proposed. On Tuesdays, we will not only be serving delicious pizzas, but will also be serving Trevor Boyd’s piquant pesto pasta. And if you have not already seen the beautiful menus that our Creative Team designed, then you should definitely go check them out! We opened up shop officially on December 4, so make sure to tell your friends to buy from Sandwich Shoppe on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, they will not regret it!

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