Winter Break Catch Up

Hello! These past few weeks after Winter Break have been busy. Seventh graders worked on January Term, for two weeks after our break. During January Term, teachers and students talked about what it means to be a hero and how to be a hero in everyday life. For their final project, seventh graders created a portfolio page which included people students identified as heroes and a reflection on their experience during January Term.

While seventh graders worked on January Term, eighth graders focused on their Montessori Model United Nations, or MMUN, projects. All classes were assigned a country, and researched more about it. Mr. Madgiak and Mrs. Spencer’s class were assigned Belgium, Belize, and the Philippines. The eighth grader’s hard work will pay off when they travel to New York in March.

As you may know, Sandwich Shoppe starts again this week. It has been almost a month since students have been working in Sandwich Shoppe. We are excited to be back after so long. Thank you to all who are ordering from Sandwich Shoppe, and continue to tell your friends to order!


Emily’s January Term portfolio page.

Trevor’s January Term portfolio page.

Natalie’s creative writing of a hero’s journey.


Rosie’s creative writing about a hero.

Thank you for reading!

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